Lieto upper secondary school is a medium large school in Lieto, which is a nice little town near Turku. The school is located near a secondary school with a competent library and in the immediate vicinity we have a spectacular sports centre with a modern gym and all the necessary sports fields.

Our school was founded in 1970 and during these 45 years we have had almost 3000 graduates. At the moment we have 250 pupils. Most of these pupils are aged between 15-19 years and it usually takes three years to graduate, even though you can do it in two years or in some cases even four years.

We can choose from several different courses that cater to everyone. One of our school’s specialties is a large collection of physical education courses of which there are 15 options to choose from.

Our school is very interested in internationality. We have a wide selection of languages: English, Swedish, French and German. You can also study Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and Italian as web courses. Computerisation is a key theme in our studies. All of the students have their own laptops that they use for daily schoolwork.

We actively participate in international projects, for example the Erasmus+ project which supports entrepreneurship in secondary schools.

In order to graduate our students have to complete a series of final exams as well as 75 courses. The final exams, also called matriculation examinations, are considered to be the crescendo of our three-year-long studies.

The atmosphere amongst students and teachers is very informal. We only have around 30 students or less in a class, which makes the learning environment more peaceful. Bullying is incredibly rare and the teachers care for the students from the bottoms of their hearts.

In conclusion, Lieto upper secondary school is a great choice for everyone.